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Grabbed Another Buyer Request Today. How?


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Just stopping by to share that I secured my 7th or 8th buyer request order today, out of a total of about 10 sold gigs. I’ve been at 5R since April, and it was some time before I discovered Buyer Requests and understood what they were and how to use them. That was because I did not first read all about selling here like I should have. I read a few posts in the forum and launched out creating gigs!

My main 2 tips for grabbing Buyer Requests are:

  1. Use action words and phrases just like we are told to do when writing a resume and cover letter. It makes us sound like we know what we are doing.

  2. Repeat in your offer write-up some of what the buyer said in their request. This shows that you are listening to what they wrote and that you understand what they need.

One more thing, when I discovered what BR were I began to visit every day and night, often 2-3 times every 24 hrs. Now this is easy for me because I have to work from home, so I’m at or around my computer 24/7. To date, I have submitted 100 offers. About 10% of those I have won. This is similar to the advertising principle that if you want 10 responses you have to send out 100 request or advertisements.

I have a Word file of one page where I copy and paste my BR custom offers before I submit them, so that I can c/p them into any new BRs that I’m interested in. I then edit it to the buyer’s needs and send it, copying the new one first, if it’s very different, and pasting it into my Word doc template.

So don’t give up! Sometimes, I don’t feel like looking at BRs, but I always go back. I rarely miss a day. It’s good practice in wording offers and it builds discipline. It is training me as I move towards more gigs and higher paying gigs.

Keep trying and improve your English and writing skills. Keep a record of your offers and read and edit them days later. You’ll be surprised, when time has passed, at how you sound, or don’t sound.

No, Fiverr is not the only thing that I do, so I’m not stressed out that I’m not getting many gig orders every day. I am pressed to generate more income, but I can somewhat take my time with developing my gigs and acquiring Fiverr clients. I am not only a writer and designer, but a crafter and artist too. You may feel more frustrated than I do, because maybe Fiverr is your only or main source of income. I do understand.

I still say good luck to you and don’t give up! My tips are general guidelines that can help anyone.

Wishing you many sales,

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