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Buyer Contact Method


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As of now we only have means to contact a buyer from the order page. When the seller gets order then and only then they can contact buyer from the order page. However, like me many other sellers are also suffering from the “buy it and keep the order dormant” problem. It affects sales and also the level. As more and more order get cancelled it worries me why sellers can’t contact buyers and able to explain time sensitivity of the gig? We need some medium to contact the buyer other than the order page. There must be a way to contact the buyer as long as buyer has the gig active with seller.

Lot of buyers don’t read the gig description and then order the gig and keep it dormant. We can nudge, send message on order page but it hardly helps.

They just can’t order and forget for weeks. That affects the sellers.

That is why there should be a method to send them message explaining the time sensitivity of the gigs.

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