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Professional Advise Needed from Experienced Sellers: Despite Great Ratings, No Cancellations, The Impressions of my gigs goes up and down drastically in a month


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Sorry for a very lengthy Subject of this Topic but needed some attention from the Experienced Sellers for this very topic. Perhaps, its the most common issue that many of us are facing, but still I officially never took any part is the forum. So let me introduce myself

This is Dhairya. I’m a Professional Designer on Fiverr since 2013. Its been a long time since I joined Fiverr and have been through every Fiverr upgrades and watched it grow into a great platform. I still remember the time when there were no rating systems and there was only two choice of thumbs-up and thumbs-down. It was funny 🙂

The First Gig was my Presentation Design Gig. Later on, I added the other design gigs in early 2017. Fiverr is my main source of Income throughout this years.

The best time I had on Fiverr was from January 2018. This whole year gave me a much better orders and opportunities. I have worked for some Giant Corporate Brands and Universities this year and have been increasing my Portfolio with designing Pitch Decks for some reputed companies.

Usually I never had much of issues with any buyer and cancellation ratio is very low, esp. this year (2018). Revisions are also very less (hardly 1 or 2 sometimes) as I provide the best of my skills and have been providing much more than the price I’ve set.

The only thing I’m unable to understand is the falling impressions/views/clicks despite having great ratings (mostly 5), great feedbacks with tips and on-time order completion. I see that some sellers are still providing a very lower rates service with $5 and working as a company by selling Templates. They have huge orders in terms of quantity. On the other hand, I’m working as a single person providing customized design from scratch and working personally for each client providing a very high quality design output. So the number of orders I get are less comparatively but each order revenue is high.

I understand the basic tips like tags, submitting buyers requests, staying online, response rates, etc. I have done that. Ofcourse finding quality 10 buyer request of any one particular gig is hard as 30% of them are just newcomers/sellers promoting themselves.

Just sharing my September Month stats: The Presentation Design Gig was having 24k impressions with 500+ clicks and views. Now, everyday the impressions are declining and now its 18k and going less everyday by 1k. And the reason is still unknown. The recent reviews ratings are quite good. Deliveries were made ontime.

And this is the case of every month. After the gig impressions/clicks/view reaches a good level, it can go down suddenly at anytime and the most irritating thing is that when it starts going down, it goes at such a fast speed. But when the impressions get positive, the speed is very slow.

I’ve never understood how these things work despite providing the services on Fiverr from a long time. I see that there are quite a good profile of people who are Independent Professional Feelancers working alone and have been having a continuous professional orders without any declining impressions/clicks, etc.

I would really appreciate if there are any professionals who can provide some valuable suggestions on this topic.

Thank you so much for your time reading such a lengthy description.


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