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Don't Be Afraid to Send an Offer

Guest deastman

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Guest deastman

I’ve been on Fiverr for around 6 months now. As a seller I’m always looking for the next best way to bring in customers. Of course there is the old fashioned word of mouth (which yes I mean in the physical world), and I’ve drummed up some business that way. Keeping your Rep up on Fiverr helps, and there is always active involvement in the Facebook page, on these forums, and LinkedIn.

However, one area I honestly had forgotten about was the ‘Buyer Requests’ area

For those who don’t know how to get to it do the following:

  1. Login
  2. Go to your sales page
  3. In the right column at the bottom you will see ‘Perks’ section
  4. Click on ‘Buyer Requests’ link.
  5. Browse the Requests for items that you have a gig to fulfill the request.
  6. Click 'Submit Offer’

    Now of course many people can submit an offer for the same gig, and you may not be chosen. But I’ve managed to learn a few things.
  7. Look at this at the beginning of each day, and by Beginning of day I mean be aware of when ‘Beginning of Day’ is globally in various areas that you are willing to serve. Look for new requests to come in with ‘0’ submissions yet and try to be first.
  8. Use all of your ‘Offers Left Today’ afterall they reset tomorrow.
  9. Use these ‘Buyer Requests’ as a spark point for ideas for new gigs.

    Specifically look for repeated request types that seem to have relatively low submissions. Perhaps there aren’t a lot of people that sell the service on Fiverr. Use this to your advantage to create a gig if you think you are suited for it.
  10. Use the ‘Buyer Requests’ as a kind of SEO/search term hunting ground. Look for terms users may request often, and if your Gigs are pertinent make sure you include those key words in the body of your gig, either in the title, or in the Gig description.
  11. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun doing whatever gigs you are doing!

    I hope these few tips will help someone out there generate a few more sales, and help keep the community growing.

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