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I just completed an awesome order \ "Contact me for discount trial update"


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Among my most pricey orders, or among them. The awesome part is that its some of the best work I’ve done here so far. Combined with the previous order I completed for the same client these orders total nearly 5000 words. 2/5 of that on the future of blockchain, and 3/5 of it on blockchain in the United Nations. Particularly the second part was exciting to write.

In other news I’m officially putting on pause my “contact me for up to 33% discount”.

I had a big yellow note on my gig image to contact me for a discount, to try and dissuade people from ordering without contact. All in all, it was a success. I had at least one customer order something I really enjoyed working on for the higher price without contact. I will say that I’m making less money now than I was with lower prices, but with a more reasonable work-load.

In June, I complete 20 orders for $700, this month 7 orders will bring me $500. I’ll say that’s an improvement. More time to focus on each client. Of course I plan to continue trending those #s upwards, however this month being a little easier has been a great relief. (note: that’s a result of working fairly constantly, and charging the lowest rates possible vs supply and demand)

why I’m pausing what I consider to be a successful experiment: I’m not nearly as busy as I was when I started that special (when I really needed less orders). Also, I raised my price so it became only a 25% discount. Rather than change the sign, I decided to just list the standard price and not have to calculate it in my head for each new order.

More testing, we’ll see how buyers react to the gig-updates. Maybe customers will appreciate straight-forward pricing rather than maybe 33% discount.

hopefully now I’ll have the time to create a (fiverr approved) blogspot.com portfolio, showcasing some of my work; along with a couple other “self employed chores” I’ve been meaning to do. Considering I’ve been freelancing for half of a year, after not being employed for a dozen years, this feels like better progress than I could have expected.

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