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Buyers and Sellers evaluation

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I think the main issue that I would have with Fiverr is that they have a system of evaluating sellers but no system of evaluating buyers. I am a seller. Everybody knows how many gigs i sold and what people are thinking about me and my work. But I have no way of knowing what the buyers history is. Before I accept a gig - especially a complex gig - I would like to know what that buyer has said about any previous seller that they have dealt with, how often they give reviews, what their reviews are and what ratings they give. I would then be in a good position for deciding whether I want to provide what they want. It is a truism in business that you should chose your customers if you want to be successful. I have ‘fired’ Fiverr buyers - but usually only after they have cost me time and money. After 6 years of being very successful on Fiverr, i have just been bumped unceremoniously down from a level 2 seller to a level zero because I got a few dead head buyers (Fiverr seems unable to understand or be able to react to the actions of idiot dead head buyers!). On the whole, I now only get business from my previous customers and this has cost me a fortune. Hopefully if I had enough buyer information, I would have refused the bad buyers’ business and I would have saved my own business. Kerry

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