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  1. I am unwilling to invest in Fiverr while their silly punitive analytics based penalties apply. I have been knocked back from 2 to 0 three times now - not my fault. Because of the reduction in marketing opportunities, it takes about 6 months to recover with the consequent loss of income. But thanks anyway. Kerry
  2. I am getting quite frustrated by the Buyer Request limit of 10 a day. I do understand that there needs to be a limit as some unprofessional people might abuse the Buyer Request system. Fiverr is getting tougher and tougher as we get more sellers. Furthermore, my gigs seem to get more and less prominence in a way that I do not understand! I have done nearly 900 gigs. One strategy is to respond to more Buyer Requests. I have responded to nearly 3000 requests. All my responses are professional and are only to requests where I know I can do a great gig. I have an information system set up so I can respond usefully. The limit of 10 means that I can only respond to about 50% of possible buyers any day. I think the limit of 10 is too low. I think level 1 or 2 two sellers could have a higher limit. Maybe Fiverr could also monitor the Requests and if there are too many complaints about one responder, then they can ban that responder. Kerry Contractchecker
  3. The buyers that concern me are 1) those that expect that my $30 gig will revolutionize their business and make them a million dollars and 2) those that think I can read their minds!!! They tend to be inexperienced. And they are the ones which get me into trouble with Fiverr and get my levels reduced. I have done over 800 gigs.
  4. Answer lots and lots of buyer requests. It is hard work. I have replied to over 2500 requests. The few that respond are almost worth it
  5. I like the ones which assume I can be a mind reader!! I also like the ones which expect me to do a $30 gig and they expect that the result will change their business and make them megabucks.
  6. (un-hearable songs scare me - if they are not proud enough to show it, how bad it is really?) And yes people do apply for them. It is of course no wonder that they get poor quality work as that is what they are creating. Sellers who encourage this only make it worse for themselves as sellers this sociopathic will bring nothing but pain. And that song, will be too terrible to use in the Portfolio and their review will be worthless seeing it will sound fake like “great work bro”. 🙂 I never respond to anyone who threatens me!
  7. Just accept the cancellation and get on with life. Not worth the effort!!!
  8. I have sent over 2000 responses to Buyer Requests. Only a few reply. Even fewer accept my offer. That is business.
  9. Keep trying. I have an excellent record but Fiverr keeps knocking me back, I have sent over 2400 responses to Buyer Requests and I get a reasonable number back!
  10. I regret my apparent condescension. I do not know you. I wonder if you have some insights. Most - almost all my gigs - require discussion with my buyer. I ask awkward questions. Sometimes people take a while to reply. Sometimes they ignore the request for extension time - why do they care? And the extension request is not well done by Fiverr who do not make the point. And this even happens with people who are more than delighted with what they get. And so I go down levels losing both kudos, ability to list all my gigs and reduction in Buyer Requests. I get a lot of orders from Buyer Requests - I have sent over 2000 of them with a level of success. So how do I get over that?
  11. Maybe if you didn’t have this attitude you wouldn’t have so many issues with buyers. Successful business people focus on things they can control. What attitude? Trying hard to deliver a good service? Successful business people control what they can control and monitor what they cannot control - it’s in all the business text books. I cannot control the crass stupidity and arrogance of a new Fiverr customer.
  12. Ok so do I. Please refer me to your answers. They could save me thousands every year.
  13. Then you have a lot to learn about business. You can be here and respect yourself at the same time. We are not slaves to our buyers. There are many ways to mitigate the impact of the things that are unfair about this place. I have been in business for a long time. Most of my gigs are advising people about business! So tell me how to mitigate those things which are unfair - because they have cost me a fortune in right now and in the past.
  14. I do let them manipulate me - I have to, they have too much power. Economic circumstances forces me to be here - and I do alright thanks.
  15. I actually said not to do this. We aren’t slaves. We are in fact slaves to some silly rules that Fiverr has. Cancelling and being late - even thought it is unreasonable and out of your control - can have devastating effects on your marketing and business on Fiverr.
  16. All my gigs take at least 3 days!!! I agree - ask him what else you can do. Tell him to be specific. Tell him you will do whatever it takes to make him happy (may not be quite true!!). Tell him you think your job is quality and you are the expert and he is not (I have this problem a lot!). And then forget about him and get on with life.
  17. I had two gigs with a seller. I think he did neither of them. Time has run out. Now Fiverr says he cannot be contacted, How do I get my money back? Thanks
  18. Micha Founder & Chief Executive Officer Sir, congratulations on setting up Fiverr and making it a success. I am a successful Seller on Fiverr and have been for some years. I acknowledge that Fivverr makes its money out of Buyers. But I believe that Fiverr needs good Sellers in order to attract good Buyers. In my opinion, the balance of ‘power’ between Buyers and Sellers is not right. You can get a very experienced and professional Seller like me severely disadvantaged by a few new unprofessional Buyers. Firstly I think it would be useful if any cancellation had some disadvantage for the Buyer. Perhaps he only gets half his money back. There seems to be no disadvantages to the Buyer at the moment. We do not even know how many cancellations the Buyer has made and we have no way of refusing a ‘bad’ Buyers Gig. One of the effects of too many silly cancellations is that the Seller loses his right to sell widely. Fiverr knocks us down to a few gigs and a few Buyer Requests. I cannot think of another business which loses its ability to market because of bad reviews. For this reason and for this reason alone, it is impossible to commit 100% to Fiverr. A series of cancellations can seriously affect your income for 6 months! Another possibility is that a Seller can instruct Fiverr to not publish or take any notice of a certain percentage of Buyers. In that way any silly ‘Buyer’ does not affect a Seller unless there are too many of them. 5% would be a good figure. The other suggestion is that the 20% fee should be a sliding scale and should reduce according to the size of the gig. I want to be a success on Fiverr. It is very hard work. But I do some fantastic things and meet some fantastic people. Regards Contractchecker Kerry Farmer CEO Dynamic Intelligence Ltd
  19. I get a lot of my business responding to buyers. I have good letters of introduction. I have a good semi-automated system of responding. I usually respond to the maximum of 10 per day. I find the 10 limit very annoying. And at the moment I have been bumped down from level 2 to level 0 because of silly cancellations so I am only offered very few buyer requests. And my gigs are very restricted. I just have to do no business for several months until my level gets up again.
  20. I wish them well. I authorise them to use whatever I sent. I get on with my life. They are not worth any emotion.
  21. It would be quite useful if the single line earnings analysis at the top of the current gigs page showed the pending clearance amount and the total of outstanding gigs and a total. I do not use the local currency option, but having the total in my local currency would be excellent. Then my wife who is putting up with all the hours I sit at the computer can easily see it is all worth it. Now I have to calculate it for her. Kerry
  22. Happens. I just accept cancellation and move on. It is a tough life and I do not want to waste time and energy on dead heads.
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