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Seller/Buyer managment system


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Dear Fiverrs, could you please consider to implement management system for managing Sellers. When i ask some one the question or buy from some one and then plan to use them in the future i have to write down their username, what they do and other things to remember about them in my notepad. If i do not do that, i can never find them afterwards as they get lost among other messages that i want to keep or simply did not deleted.

People use user names that do not reflect nature of what they do, so it is difficult to fetch them out based on their user name or last message that you can see in your inbox.

I think if you could implement system that is ,SIMILAR, to Google circles where I could create groups and put people in them, this way i could manage everything really easy as i could find what i want, keep what i want and deal with those who already proven to be good suppliers. I am sure sellers will benefit if they could have system like this to manage their buyers too, i do not know for sure as i never being on other side of Fiverr.

I could have a groups named like

Graphic designers

G. Designers to try

Article writers

A. Writers to try

Video Editors

V. Editors to try

So in the future if i need new article i can go directly to people i dealt with before and get it done and if they are busy or not available or i would like new approach a spark to my articles i would go to ,A. Writers to try, and get some one new.

So if you can not Google circles, possibly you can do Squares, triangles or Octagonal Fiverrs, what ever it will be i am sure it will benefit every one.

Hope this makes sense to you.

I just run out of daily quota of good ideas 😦

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