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Is there a way to place orders in a queue?



Hello! I wonder if there is any way to prevent two deliveries from having their deadline on the same day.
I have difficulty delivering orders when the volume of purchases is high, since fiverr is not my main job.
For example: A buyer places an order now one with a deadline of 5 days for delivery. I would like it if another buyer placed an order shortly after he could only choose a deadline for delivery of 10 days.

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Unfortunately this isn’t currently an option on Fiverr, at least not that I’m aware. If you go into the settings of your gig, however, you can limit the amount of people who can order your gig. If you set this to one person, then you’ll only receive one order at a time. It means you have to complete that gig before someone can place an order, which might help to solve your issue.

You want to bare in mind that people who want their work done immediately, or who were looking for someone to complete their work by a certain deadline, might pass you by in favour of someone else if you implement this method, though.

You could also put something like, “message me for availability before ordering!” in your gig description, though you need to bare in mind that this isn’t foolproof and some people will go ahead and place an order regardless.

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