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  1. Maybe not a decent one, but a supermarket meal deal is great, provided they’re well stocked. :rofl: I live in Devon so the cost of living isn’t as expensive here, but £3 still doesn’t stretch very far. It would just about buy me a cider in Spoons (a popular pub chain here), or half a lunch. 😂
  2. The great thing about Fiverr is that everyone starts somewhere. Even those you see who seem experienced were once beginners, perhaps wondering the same exact thing that you had. With that being said, there are a few reasons why someone might choose a newer freelancer above a more experienced one: Price. As @hanshuber16 mentioned, experienced freelancers often charge more than those just starting out, so those looking for work at a more affordable price may go for beginner freelancers over experienced ones. Availability. Newer freelancers often have more availability than experienced freelancers because there isn’t as much of a demand for their services. This gives people an opportunity to have their work produced and delivered quickly. Unique gigs. Look at your competition and see what they’re offering. Is there something else you can include that they aren’t? What makes you stand out for your competition? If you’re looking for a way of getting your first order, there’s a handy search bar at the top right of this page which may help you get started. By typing you’re question, you’re likely to come across plenty of other useful answers from people in the forum who have asked the same question previously.
  3. I completely changed my freelancing routine at the start of this year. Most of my orders at the moment are from repeat buyers, which has allowed me to create something of a routine. This routine has involved working 6 days a week, from about 9:30AM-10-11PM at night. I’ve taken Sunday’s ‘off’, but the only difference between this day and the rest of the week is that I’d be writing content for my own blog instead of other people’s. Going into February, I’m hoping to cut freelancing down to 5, shorter days a week. I’ll still take Sunday’s for writing content for my own blog, but I’ll also have a day later in the week where I can recuperate and engage in other hobbies.
  4. I know some people don’t celebrate Christmas or consider it a ‘big’ event so will be resuming work as usual, but for those of you who do celebrate, when are you stopping work for Christmas? How much time are you taking off? This is my first Christmas as a freelancer, and I’m not sure what I’m doing yet. I was originally going to work through Christmas, but I’ve got a lot of plans with friends and family so I’m going to have to rework things slightly.
  5. It’s based off your 60 day average. This means that Fiverr will put together every rating you’ve had in the last 60 days and work out the average rating you’ve received. Like others have mentioned, most Fiverr sells have probably experienced a 4* rating from time to time, but you don’t need to worry too much about it unless it drops to below 4.7.
  6. Congratulations on your success. Your determination to make this work has certainly paid off–and will continue to, I’m sure. I have a neurodevelopmental disability and started on Fiverr with my first order at the very end of March, a few days after creating my first gig, and have seen similar success. Best of luck for the future!
  7. I’ve been freelancing on Fiverr for nine months now, and I can remember feeling the frustration you’re probably feeling now. If interest in your profile is going up, why aren’t your views? Are you doing something wrong? No, is the short answer. You need to remember that clicks on your gigs aren’t just from people who may be considering buying from you. They may also be… CuriousChecking out their competition — while copying your competition is a big no-no here on Fiverr, and generally won’t do you any good, it’s important to see what others in your category are doing. Not only will this help with your own understanding of setting up a gig, but it may also make you realise that you have a unique selling point. This is something that others within your category don’t offer that makes your gig stand out. It may even lead to your first sale!Comparing different sellers to find one that works best for them/their companyComing up with a list of sellers for future projects of theirs, which may or may not go aheadI’m sure there are even more reasons than the ones I’ve listed for people choosing to check out your gig without making a purchase. But, even if you can’t rely on insights for consistent sales, they are still good for attaining whether your gig is performing well or not. If the gig insights are going up, then you know you’re doing something right as obviously people are finding your gig somehow. If your insights are going down, you might be going through a slow period (every freelancer experiences these from time to time), but it could also be an indicator that you need to switch things up. Is there a way you could change the featured photo on your gig to make it more appealing? Could you make your packages stand out from others in the market? Could your descriptions be made clearer?
  8. I love the rest of your advice, but I’d be careful with this one. Although some clients might view it as helpful, others might view it as harassment, especially if you’re doing it continuously when they haven’t explicitly stated this is something they’re interested in. A better option might be to leave them with a discount when you deliver their order. You could say something along the lines of, “If you ever want to work together in the future, please quote _________ to receive a 5%-20% discount”.
  9. Communication is definitely incredibly important. Another thing any good seller should have is an eye for detail. There’s nothing worse than placing an order to realise that the person you’ve hired has done something other than what you’ve asked of them.
  10. I’ve had a similar thing with a client today. We’ve been discussing a longer deal, so it’s been quite inconvenient. I think the only thing you can do at this point in time is restart a few times, and/or refresh the website. Hopefully it’s something they’re planning to address when the site goes in for maintenance.
  11. The truth is, writing is an extremely competitive category here on Fiverr. There are writers from all different countries offering what appears to be the same service. Why would someone click on your gig over someone else’s? What else can you offer them? I’m a writer here on Fiverr, and I find my content writing gig does the worst out of all of them. There are probably a few reasons for this, one being that it’s an oversaturated category, and I know I charge more than other sellers. I’ve accepted that I won’t get many writing orders here on Fiverr (I also freelance independently, because putting all your eggs in one basket is a very bad idea), and count myself lucky on the orders I do get. The gigs that people order the most from me are the ones that offer something different. To find out how I could fill gaps, I researched what was already available, and brainstormed until I found an idea not many people had thought of. I have two of these gigs on my profile, and one is vastly more successful than the other, showing it doesn’t always work, but it’s worth it for when it does. In short, find something you’re good at that isn’t oversaturated on the Fiverr marketplace. It could still be writing-related, as mine are, but simply a different take on writing that other people haven’t thought of before, or something that not many people are doing.
  12. I’ve been loving Bastille’s new track with Mashmello. Is Marshmello who you meant, @djwaruna? I’ve also been loving the Monday Motivation playlist on Spotify first thing in the morning. They’re not the newest of songs, but they’re great for getting up and out of bed in the morning. 😀
  13. If you’re looking for advice about how to appeal better to clients by improving your gig, then the forum can be an extremely helpful place for that. It can also be a place to learn from others mistakes so you don’t repeat them yourself, or to read other people’s success stories when you’re going through a slow month. In that sense, then, the forum is a great place to spend your spare time in. If you’re looking to find clients directly from the forum then your time would probably be better spent elsewhere, say promoting your gigs or services outside of Fiverr and trying to attract buyers that way.
  14. I know the Paypal thing is a bug, so it’s likely that the stock image problem could be the result of a similar problem, too. The best thing to do in this circumstance would be to request to extend your order (explain the circumstances and I’m sure your buyer will understand) and get on to customer service ASAP so that they can help you resolve the issue.
  15. I’m one of those writers that reads a lot. I use the excuse that reading makes me a better writer, but in reality, I just love to escape from reality for a while, and a good book is the perfect way of doing that. This summer, I’ve been reading a lot of Cathy Glass books. She’s a foster carer and writes about her experiences with certain children, which is really enlightening as someone who is planning to foster (and adopt) in future. I’m also currently reading “This Love” by Dani Atkins. I don’t think it’s a very well known about book, but it’s really good and I’m enjoying it so far.
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