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Modification Request and Lateness


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As a seller, I’m trying to understand how it works when a client “requests modification” to a gig after the due date?

Here is the scenario

  1. I do the gig and deliver it before the due date.

  2. I wake up the next morning and see the buyer has rejected my work and requested modification. However, their modification request was submitted past the due date and now I see it says the work is “## LATE ##”

  3. The work was submitted in time, it was only “## LATE ##” because of the buyer rejecting the work and requesting modifications after the due date.

    I never had this happen before so my questions are:

    – when a client requests a modification after the due date that puts the gig in “## LATE ##” status, how does the seller handle it?

    – how much time does the seller have to do the modification request when it says it is “## LATE ##”? (again, the work was submitted before the due date, but only had a “## LATE ## status because the buyer rejected the work AFTER the due date).

    This is my first time dealing with the “## LATE ##” status on any of my gigs, so I immediately panic, not knowing what to do. Since I could not find any help in Fiverr help section I put in for a mutual cancellation with the buyer, but I wish I could of found more info on how to handle this situation but there was none to be found.

    For future reference, I would appreciate any guidance and feedback and how a seller handles the above situation.

    Thank You

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I am in puzzle with the modification request too. I got more than 3 modification requests on my order by another seller from fiverr. He was insisting on using that option and was not ready to admit that it affects the seller reputation. He was saying that other buyers are using it against me, so I want to try it too. That was a bit adamant and he was asking me to show documentation or else let him use the “modification request” option, as much as he please. His requests were vague and trying to make me feel bad for delivery for the sake of it. Making fun of my gig and saying things like " if you did this , i will use your gig million more times and all". Just get along with me, i am going to use “modification requested”. and all that. I said it affects the seller level, then he somehow managed to understand and withdrawn. phew, fiverr can be so much stress sometimes, especially during your bad days.

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