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Gig cancelled by seller. How do I get my money back


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I requested a gig with extras up to $45 but when my partner saw the finished product didn’t like it. I replied and pasted my partners emails into the box so he understood what we wanted, instead of contacting and saying anything he just cancelled the job. He didn’t follow instructions in the first place and gave us logo’s that were nothing like we asked for.

How do I get my money back there seems to be little if any support for the buyer in this situation.

I didn’t cancel the job, I was still prepared to have him do it. Didn’t even have the decency to talk to me.

Guess people don’t like being told the truth.

Help with getting my $45 back please

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Guest mcromano

That’s awful! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. People need to learn how to handle critique better.

Now, for all I know the cancellation process is a two-way street. They need your confirmation in three days time. I had to cancel a gig once due to personal issues, and I’ve had to wait for the buyer’s approval.

As kblynx said, they can’t cancel without you agreeing to it.

If you have further problems I suggest contacting fiverr helpdesk. They are fast and helpful, and I’m sure they know how to handle this problem in the best way!

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kjblynx said: Now, if they delivered as their gig states they would, then they should be paid for their work, but you say they delivered nothing you could use. Personal opinion of the work is not a means for refund as long as the seller followed directions, mind you.


This can happen. Gigs that offer logos are very subjective. It depends on their creativity entirely. If you did not give clear direction or any samples for examples (to let the person know the standard or the kind of job you expect), then the seller shoudn't be penalized. But in this case, if the buyer has offered a cancellation, you can agree to it and get the money back


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