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Love What You Do - The Key To Fiverr Success!


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Hi everyone! I’m Jonjo… known on Fiverr as Raps4U (www.fiverr.com/raps4u).

This is my first post on the forum but I think it’s overdue so I’m going to make it a long in-depth one. Feel free to skim read.

Here’s a little bit about me. In real life I’m a full time artist in a Pop/Rap Duo called Destination Mars based in the UK. Now, I stumbled across Fiverr several years ago and admired its uniquity and the abundance of creativity that thrives here. I always knew from that initial discovery that one day, once the stars aligned, I’d come on here and post my own gig.

a couple of years and dodgy attempts at growing facial hair later, HERE I AM! I’ve been here less than a month, 27 days to be exact. In that short time I’ve had over 50 sales. since being here I’ve conducted myself with a strong philosophy that remains at the front of my mind. It sounds kind of hippie, and I guess it kinda is, I’ve dubbed it L.O.V.E

  • Let love dictate your gigs!
  • Over deliver with an eagerness!
  • Versatility is vital when playing to strengths!
  • Evolve and expand on your ideas!

    I’ll break it down and go into a bit more depth regarding the reasoning behind L.O.V.E.

    I say “LET LOVE DICTATE YOUR GIGS” because passion is the igniter of creativity and enthusiasm. You want to be able to offer the best possible gigs so you need to harness the greatness from the best possible YOU… and that comes from loving what you’re doing and in turn being passionate about what you’re doing!

    “OVER DELIVER WITH AN EAGERNESS” this ties into “Love” as does the whole philosophy… (hence the name), but yeah… If you’re doing something YOU love, you’re more than likely eager to create and a bi-product of that will be over delivering to the customer! See my top selling gig is an activity I relentlessly do in my spare time anyway and that’s rapping. Even when I’m not paid to be on stage or feature on songs, I sit, write lyrics and rap (sometimes until the early hours). So when I over deliver, it’s a win, win. I’m not really strained from it (with the odd exception) and the customer receives a creation worth way more than $5 which provokes great feedback and repeat custom.

    “VERSATILITY IS VITAL WHEN PLAYING TO STRENGTHS” As much as “Love being the ruler of all” sounds poetic, you also want to ensure when doing what you love you’re also playing to YOUR strengths! You might love doing something but suck at it. But generally, people find something they’re amazing at and it becomes their love because they’re good at it. That or people find something they suck at but because it’s their love they work at it until it becomes their strength. What ever your personal journey, don’t compare your strength(s) to other peoples - just FIND IT, EMBRACE IT and MILK IT FOR ALL IT’S WORTH! Once you’ve found your key strength… be versatile in your manipulation of it… think outside of the box and apply it to as many well varied gigs as you can. Let one strength cover a whole spectrum.

    Finally “EVOLVE AND EXPAND ON YOUR IDEAS” Never become stagnated and vapid. Maintain that spark and always aspire for more, keep coming up with new ideas and developing the old ones!

    So there it is, there’s MY personal philosophy when it comes to Fiverr. It’s not really pointing out key things to do such as “Post a video, find a niche” and it might not necessarily make you the most money… nor am I saying it’s how every person should approach Fiverr, it’s just how I approach it and I’m sharing it with you all. That being said, I’m confident it can bring success on Fiverr in terms of not just financial but personal gratification.

    Thanks for reading! I look forward to your comments and checking out your gigs!
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