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How do I share My Profile with potential clients?



I recently joined Fiverr, and I am not sure how to showcase my work with potential clients. I cannot see any Job offers in the site and I am not sure where shall I look for it. Could someone help me with it please?

Thank you,

Nur Topcu

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Hi Nur,

Try the buyers requests page. That is where buyers post requests and sellers give them proposals for those requests. Check it frequently and make sure you refresh the page.

Keeping a high rating and 0 cancellations will help your profile become visible in the search results therefore will help you get more impressions, views and clicks which will be helpful.

Find out who the target market is for your gig and promote your gigs to them on social media. Always provide a link to your Fiverr profile to redirect them there.

You’ll find that most of your orders come from repeat clients. It might be hard finding your first client, but keep them satisfied and they will keep coming back.

Hope that helps 🙂

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