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ARG! It's such a small thing but so irritating


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It’s such a small thing. To completely answer a question here on the forums, think about the details, and the way you answer. Type it out… Hit post… And…


Someone posts right under you saying the EXACT same thing you wrote. Maybe some slight differences in the wording, but more/less what you just wrote.

Why do they do that? Maybe, if they posted a slightly different opinion or option… that’s great! But when they post the exact same answer? Grrrrr.

Do they do it just to increase their post counts? I don’t know.

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I think I know what you mean. I’ve noticed this myself. At first I thought it was just people wanting to be like me because I’m awesome. Makes sense at 3’o clock AM on Fiverr forum. Try it sometime.

But when I saw the same users who’ve plagiarized my musings doing the same thing up and down these boards with every which user, I knew what was happening.

Some people are terrible at English! And logic! And word-making in general. Copy-paste: it’s free and ready in seconds.

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