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My line it is getting down


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Thanks for reading my Forum Post, I think it’s the first one, I am just reading others posts and I really enjoy it.

So, I had many orders in December and January, in January I’ve passed $2,000 in Revenues and in December I’ve did good as well. I have tried lots of things to do to rise up my gig and it worked but the happiness wasn’t longer. Waited to see if February 2nd Half will start bouncing again but this wasn’t a thing come up… Also, it is March 8, just one order came up and I’ve tried to change my photo gig, but she jumped in the last photo row. I’ve tried to make it primary again but no chance (I sent an ticket to the customer support).

I checked others people Gig in my niche and they have up to 7-8 orders in queue so I think the period isn’t the reason.

Why this drops came up and how to avoid them?

My gig:

Thank you for your replies guys!


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