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Declining number of clicks?! ADVICE NEEDED


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Hi All,

I am a new seller on Fiverr (joined ten days ago). Initially after completing my first two gigs my conversion rate was safely average, about 5.5%. However the buyer of my next order was very unreasonable at first and without even reading my work, said it was awful and that it was up to me whether I gave him a refund or he left a bad review. Hence I felt pushed to cancel it. After cancelling, he re-read the article I wrote at my request and apologised because it was actually very good. So he bought it again.
However the cancelled order is still shown on my analytics, and since then my conversion rate and number of clicks went way down almost immediately. It is now about 1.3% only.
Does anyone have any idea if the two are related, and is there any way I can improve the popularity of my gigs again??

Thanks in advance,

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