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Im so surprised they move my gigs away only because I want to make my gig description more better and clear !!

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How a bad news for me when I saw these messages,few of my gigs has been removed ! I spend 2 month to create 20 gigs video ,because I want to make a good business here , so I try to make everything better again and again , also if I find out something wrong or not so clear on description I will did a little change again . and than because of that i lost my gigs !

I know how to play well my business , so I make a lot different dance videos to showing what kind of dance i can do ,and what kind of dance outfit i had is important ,because different buyer want to see how it looks like with different kind of dance style and every videos helps buyer find out a new idea for their music … so make some different dance video is important too ,

I understand fiverr has their own rules ,but please also try to understand every seller also have their own business plan , most of us want to make a good job here , not just doing easy " move gig away " to waste of our energy…

At least i don’t think my gig has a problem right now ! they should not be removed ,and they was a important part to budding up my business ! and the worker on fiverr should really try to understand well it , they were not the same videos:persevere:😣 ,they show up different style of dance to give buyer idea … !

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