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Buying a gig


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this is my first time on fiverr so please bear with me.

I want to buy an item of a seller and the item cost $100. so if im correct that is 20 gigs.

1 gig = $5 x 20 = $100 is this correct??

when I go to his site and press order the drop down box only goes to 8 so how do I buy 20 before it takes me to pay pal or is there another way of doing it.

this fiverr is very confusion


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Each fiverr gig is $5, unless there are extras along with the gig. So if I’m understanding you correctly, you want $100 off of his gig but when you actually get taken to the physical PayPal website it only allows you to get up to 8? I’m slightly confused at what you are trying to ask. Is there a link to this gig so that maybe we as a community can help you a little better to understand what you are saying?

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If the seller is a Level 2(Or level 1), they can set their gig extras to make it easier on the ordering process.

For example, the initial order would be $5, so if you ordered 4 of them, and then he just made two gig extras for $40 each, that’s $100.

Fiverr requires you to order the gig before the job is complete, but if you’re not satisfied with the order or they simply don’t deliver, you can always get the order refunded via a mutual cancellation or by contacting CS. However, Fiverr only generally refunds the money to your Fiverr profile to use on other gigs, and from what I understand in only rare cases will you get your money back directly.

If they’re not at least a level 1 seller, you have to make 4 separate transactions. 8 orders, another 8, another 8, and another 4.

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