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How can I improve my gig ranking?


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I am level 1 seller, I have already done 18 projects successfully with good rating and review.
But one thing I don’t understand why my gig is not ranking perfectly.
This is my profile link -> https://www.fiverr.com/r1codingmaster
Expecting suggestions from experts.
And I have some questions-
1| Why gig impressions, view, and click is sometimes decreased, I think it should be fixed if not increase?
2| How can a buyer cancel the order by CS without any mutual agreement with a seller, but a seller can’t complete any order by CS without any mutual agreement with a buyer? In case of the seller, a seller should have delivered the perfect work of his/her buyer, then if a buyer doesn’t want to complete the order. In that case, a seller should have the ability to complete the order by CS.

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