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Story of an ignorant buyer who left unfair review + Helpful link if you care a lot about 5 star profile reviews


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I had offered a custom order of an invitation design for 5$ via buyers request. The buyer accepted the request and I completed his order but he asked for revisions 11 times, I still modified my work 11 times without hesitation. The buyer also changed what he wanted along the way while asking for revisions but I did not say anything. Then when he was satisfied with my work he asked for the source file (I have kept the source file off my gig and un-ticked because I do not offer it) and I declined. He left a negative review solely based on the fact that I didn’t provide source file. Up until that point he did not mention he will be needing it at all.

He clearly states in his review that he is leaving a negative review because I did not submit the source file (which I don’t offer primarily) and just delivered 2 files which was required by the order. How can I be given bad review for something I don’t even offer?I offer high quality service and I have only gotten 5 star reviews by each and every order because I really care about what my customers need, customers have left tip for the exact same service I offered to this buyer.
This is the reason for my only bad review and I am very disappointed that customer support was also not able to help me. 😦 But I understand their point too, it is his opinion. They suggested me to reply by clearing the misunderstanding in the buyer review.

This website will help you determine how many reviews it will take you to get 5 star average review if someone left a negative review-


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Guest modelmagi

i know how you feel, same thing happened to me yesterday.

a buyer request for my dancing gig, which i did, he gave me 4.8 star or so…

i checked why,

Communication With Seller --------- 5 star

Service as Described -------- 5 star

Buy Again or Recommend ---------- 2 star.

and then i asked myself, why cant he just give me the 5 star in that one. so i know how you feel.

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