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How to improve my gigs rank


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There are some typos. The following is corrected for grammar, spelling and content:

An active blog is SEO dynamite. Sometimes it helps to seed your blog threads with relevant and insightful posts. No one on Fiverr can do this for you more effectively than I will.

This is what I offer:

*** Each comment is custom written and completely unique.**
*** My posts will be relevant to your blog’s topic. **
*** There will be no grammatical errors in my postings. <—I WOULDN’T PROMISE THIS**
*** All my comments will be 30 words or more in length.**
*** I can accommodate any special request you may have.**

The effect is to stir up organic discussions on your blog, so they can take on an SEO-enhancing life of their own.

I look forward to working for you.

I would simply copy what I have written above to replace what you have. It’s hard to sell writing content when you’ve got typos in your gig description. In truth, legitimate blog posts are often eaten up with errors, so you needn’t promise error-free writing (and I think you can’t, given what I see you’ve written).

Best of success to you with your gig. You are probably in a pretty good place to make a living on Fiverr. All 10 of the Top-10 best selling gigs on Fiverr are SEO oriented.

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