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My First Gig!


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Hello, I joined fiverr a about a year ago taking part in gigs, but now I have launched my own gig! I really put allot of work into it. The basic idea of the gig is to provide businesses with a native android app, that looks good, and is up to date with the latest trends in app making. The apps I make use a sliding menu, just like allot of the brands use! it looks really cool, my video I made is still under review. but I have images that you can see. At this moment I can not add extas to my gig, as I need to sell 10! So, I am offering to add your app to the android market on my developers account, to the first 10 buyers! Link to Gig: http://fiverr.com/johnblack45/create-a-native-android-app-for-your-websiteblog

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