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Fiverr App, what do you thinK?


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The Fivver app is pretty decent but I do think it could use a few improvements. Does anyone else thing that way?

My suggestion would be to out the analytics feature into the app and allow users who want to send something regarding a buyer request pick from any of the gigs they offer not just a few selected by the system.

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I don’t like the app at all.

  1. I never can see the attachments of the clients through the app
  2. Updates about orders and messages are never instant, so you go on an back to see the same thing many times
  3. messages are half in inbox, half in orders (but this is also in browser version)
  4. orders update are never clear

And I bet there are others I forgot…

Thanks for the topic 🙂

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Guest arooba_haq

overall it is of neither helpful nor very interactive however it enables u to remain online without having laptop with u every time.

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