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Asking Buyers to Follow Your Social Media?


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Have you done this?

I was looking through the Fiverr TOS, but I wanted to ask the Fiverr Community before continuing, to make sure I’m not breaking any rules. Is it OK to contact previous buyers to ask them, or invite them to follow your social media channels? I understand you cannot ask or accept any form of payment outside of Fiverr. I have made sure it is clearly stated on my other social media that, to hire me, you must do so on Fiverr, as that is where my service is exclusively offered for purchase. I recently got a 5-star review and would like to have that translate to my voice over Facebook page in a way other than just sharing a screenshot of the 5-star feedback.

  • Has anyone dealt with this before?

  • Is this even a good idea?

  • Should I just be happy with sharing screenshots?

Thanks in advance, 😁


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