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Needless to say, I'm VERY frustrated (<--- Can you tell?)


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My message to Customer Support (included in the screenshot):

Yet another buyer who wants to cancel RIGHT AFTER ordering because of THEY’RE MISTAKE.

Please fix your cancellation-ratio or have it so that negative cancellations which aren’t the seller’s fault are removed.

I offered to do some other work or even help with their mistake. They even paid an extra $20 to get this order in two days… It isn’t even about the money anymore.

Attached you will find a screen-cast of another order from another gig I had earlier on July 26th. This buyer had also made a mistake and even though I delivered the gig successfully, I had to cancel to avoid a negative rating a huge 40% cancellation ratio was slapped on (on the 26th the cancellation ratio was 40%, since I have brought it down to 22%).

I can only see one solution to this and that would be to have the ability to remove the cancellation ratio by request, kind of like a undeserving negative rating.

Now, for this order in particular, is it possible that you can PAUSE the order while the order gets his stuff (<---- reluctant to swear, can you tell I’m frustrated?) together?

You also have your TOP RATED SELLERS complaining about this:


I forgot to mention, last time the request to remove the cancellation ratio didn’t happen. Please do something about this, this time.

Buyer's exact words:
I need to cancel. My videos failed . I need another plan . Please refund . i will get back to you when I fix them .
End Quote.

Their fault. Not mine. I have two choices:
If I choose to cancel, I get a cancellation ratio slapped on.
I can make the delivery AS-IS, tell the buyer he has credit (of $45 / the order amount) and RISK the chance of getting a negative feedback.

What would YOU do? Personally, I am just sick at this point.
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I concur.

I have had MANY cancellations due to the Buyer not reading my gig description on my book trailer gig. 99% of the time, it’s someone requesting that I do a trailer for a sexually-explicit book (usually one of those Harlequin-type “romance” things with graphic scenes), when I have clearly stated in the gig description that I will NOT represent those types of books.

I even had my Level drop down to ONE because of this and was told by CS that they can’t fix something that’s “system generated”, and I had to work to get my Level 2 back.

This is seriously frustrating! Please give Sellers more protection here. When it’s clearly the Buyer’s fault, the Seller should NOT be punished for it.

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