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"The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete


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…The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs."

I see what fiverr was trying to do here: Help us sellers out. While I appreciate that so much, it doesn’t seem to work in most cases.

Lots of buyers are still not filling out the requirements completely, yet claim to agree that the info is both “accurate” and “complete.”

Then they also confirm that they are aware that certain things my be subject to extra costs.

But when I explain this to them, they tend to act both shocked and distraught.

All I ask if for the client to fill out a quick survey about themselves so I can create their article. Yet, they barely answer it and expect to receive detailed, top-notch work. Or they send me 10-20 pages of info, which is ridiculous. Because most of the time, what I need to write for them is half a page. Somehow, they expect that most of that info will be showcased in that small space.

Is there any way to remedy this issue?

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