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How often do you make modifications, do you charge for it


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Hi everyone, and happy new year!

I have been making a lot of modifications lately, because buyers don’t read the gig or they don’t like the look of it decide to change it.

Just wanted to see if others have to do many modifications lately and if so do you charge for modifications ?

Modify takes a lot of time for each gig, so I’m trying to figure out a way to modify less.

Let me know

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best thing to do is to firmly state your revisions or mod prices. if they dont read it that is not your fault and its something to hide behind if they start being abusive. Another way is to simply raise your prices in general so if they need mods it wont be a problem:)

for instance I stated to a buyer the other day I would need an extra $50 because I assume revisions will be needed for such a complicated project and he completely agreed:)

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