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Fiverr should connect with Home Shopping Network

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Fiverr really should start making some connections with people as they could really expanding this on to a TV Channel as well as a Radio Station which OldBitty showed works well.

If you can connect with the Home shopping network then you could offer all of the services that come with delivery to a mass audience!!

Being so cheap you can literally buy all day! Shopping network would make a mint, Fiverr would make a mint and so would the sellers!

Virtual Shopping on Fiverr.

Mr. Oranje

(Nominee for next Sheriff) - Fingers Crossed.

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I have a Roku!!! Gimme your channel code 😃

It sounds like an amazing idea!

Maybe we could have like ‘sub channels’ as well, like:

“The Gig Channel” where it might display a “random” video of a gig, then like, a 15-30 second timer with the username, so we can go order if it it’s interesting.

“Featured Gig Channel” that displays featured gigs videos

"Fiverr News Network" Might display a ticker at the bottom with the live stats, such as how many users online, how many gigs purchased / delivered today, etc. Maybe user videos of success stories, with news updates on new site features or other stuff like that. (Please let’s not play “Fiverr tragedies” though, lol! The news focuses too much on stuff like that, I think)

would be soooo cool 😃

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