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Would love some feedback on my first Fiverr Gig


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Hello Fiverr community.

I am new to Fiverr, and would love to start off on a positive foot! I am currently offering my web designs and would love to get any tips on advertising, if my Gig needs any suggested changes, and or if I am already on a good start.

I am currently making business cards, a portfolio website and plan to offer my services to business that are desperately in need of a new modern website, or don’t have on at all.

Here is the link to my first Gig


georginadangelo : I will build an exquisite website for you on wix for $50 on...

For only $50, georginadangelo will build an exquisite website for you on wix. | CUSTOM ASTONISHING WIX WEBSITE:Having a strong online presence can carry your business in positive measures.Why not start with an advanced and interactive Wix...

Thank you to those that help me and I look forward to getting feedback!

Hello, it is my pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to you all! Within reach of creativity, I am here offering my Web design capability to assist you, attract clients, consumers, and business productivity. Considering myself a seasoned and knowledgeable web designer, i’d appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my ability to fulfill your website desire.(we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you/we feel confidence in our ability to satisfy your needs)

Introducing myself to Fiverr, I’d like to offer an exceptional deal. The first 10 customers will receive free Web trafficking. This is an extraordinary opportunity to embark on your web experience in a positive direction. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Note: I am currently only developing through a cloud-based web development platform. In the course of time, I intend to expand my knowledge with our web building sites.

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Hi, Georgina.

The gig looks fine. The first image in your examples is a bit small to make out. Also, I would use a picture of yourself in your display picture as having your name doesn’t let the buyer feel like they know you. Pictures work a lot better like on LinkedIn.

Best of luck with it.

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Hello @georginadangelo Welcome to Fiverr and may I say all the best in your business adventures.

My comments from a buyer experience perspective are are the same as above, the images doesn’t really speak to what you are selling and is a bit small. The description is a bit lengthy in the current paragraph format. Breaking it up into bullet points may be easier on the eye to give potential buyers a quick glance guide to see what they are buying. For example where you have “Web design capability to assist you, attract clients, consumers, and business productivity” this can be rearranged into a list…
-point a
-point b
-point… ect…

I also see this is your only gig. Perhaps since you have skills and experience in business cards you could also add a business card gig and other services you offer. You are allowed 7 as a new seller.

All the best!!!

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