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Would you buy from a seller advertising in Buyer Requests? [RESOLVED and REDIRECTED]


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What the title says ^

I’ve noticed more and more sellers advertising on Buyer Requests. It’s annoying to me as a seller but I’m genuinely curious – does it work?

If you’re a buyer, have you ever bought from a seller you saw on Buyer Requests? Would you?

Sheriff’s Note: As kjblynx said: “Buyers can’t even see the Buyer Requests section unless they have created a gig, thus advertising in the buyer requests is useless.” This resolves the question as directed to Buyers only. If you want to add to an active thread asking Fiverr to help with the problems in Buyer Requests, go here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/68240/report-feature-for-misuse-of-buyer-requests-active-discussion/

Topic closed.

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Guest webexpert1313

Yes absolutely correct, More and more buyers doing advertisement in “Buyer Request”.

But most important “Buyer Request” section is only for buyer who want any services then he send a request and more and more eligible seller send gig request for buyer.

If any buyer broke fiverr TOS, then i am never buy any services with this type of spam seller.

I respect Fiverr TOS. 🙂

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