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How to know that are spam offer request?


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Hi there
some of you did receive in inbox requests, offers that on mobile application are not visible,expect by mail, but on the pc version at the end of the mail there is the following sentence : " XXXX will no longer be able to contact you. Submit an unspam request to undo this."

What does it mean that is a real spam? I have the doubt this time becouse the mail was really looking real…and it happened 2 times in the last few days

May I have your experiences about this matter?

Thank you!

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I always assume it means the message was sent to plenty of other people, many of whom reported it as spam.

and while I also assume(d) there could potentially be a slight chance of someone desperate offering something interesting, the last case was a thinly veiled Download the details virus here: link I’m just going to trust the system.

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