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Buyer cancel and request refund


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I want to ask a Question, if i complete a order on fiverr and i delivered what exactly the client wants, but still after getting that work done, he cancel the order and ask for refund? what will happen? he got the work he did not pay and the seller who worked hours to do still got nothing


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It depends.
If he asks you to mutually agree to cancel the order, then you refuse! If you did the job and delivered what was agreed, why should you cancel? He can probably rate you not with 5 stars, but there you go… it’s then your decision.
On the other hand he can ask to be refunded by the CS, in that case, they will evaluate the terms of that order, and decide if they have been fulfilled or not, and if he has real claim to be refunded.
On those cases, when the order gets canceled, if you are not able to watermark your work when you deliver, then yes… the client goes away with your work and you don’t get a coin for it.

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