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Are you just suggesting that someone declare themselve an expert in determining which Fiverr gigs are best and worst, and to sell those opinions as a gig? Interesting idea, but why would I as a potential customer trust that theirs is an accurate, independent opinion - free of kickbacks or bias. Do I REALLY trust that they have purchased those gigs to get real-world first-person experience in each one?

Or do you think Fiverr should be doing more to differentiate between quality of gigs? How do you propose to have that done? Fiverr already encourages sellers to use accurate, descriptive key words in their key word tags and gig descriptions, tailor gigs to be specific, allows sellers to have up to 20 gigs so that each can be specific, and encourages buyers to leave feedback.

Any seller can claim to be an expert, so what else do you expect Fiverr to do other than that? If Fiverr tries to “rate” sellers, that angers the ones who are unrated or lower rated. If they allow outside third-party ratings, then they run the risk of losing sales by making outside contacts possible too.

Yes, major parts of the way the current search engine runs at Fiverr are unreliable, whether due to poor design or too many gigs un-indexed or whatever combination of issues. But assuming that is fixable, what else?

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I’m after help with promoting my Roulette playing program. Article, Scripts, videos, logos etc

I know people are better than me at all these things. The trouble is if I key in gambling the results I get often feature the words along the lines of anything except…

I’m not interested in buying hits or false testimonials I just want an outside parties to honestly review my software. A knowledge of roulette or even algebra would help.

When I have more testimonials I’ll pass them to scriptwriter.

If there was a way suitable sellers could be suggested that I could look at , it would save me a lot of time and I’d even pay someone to find likely sellers.

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