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Yummmmmy I got my first orders with help of Fiverr tricks


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I joined Fiverr in December 2016, And didn’t know anything about fiverr someone suggested me to work on fiverr
so i made profile and start working and i made different gigs at first but didn’t get any job since i start fiverr
but after doing some research and Using forums to ask for help that " what’s wrong why I’m not getting much impressions,
clicks, views on my GIGs and no jobs. But now after 4 months i made a new GIG and it got Much more impressions and views
than before and also i got my first 3 jobs since i started Fiverr.

How it happened ?

I noticed that Things which you have to keep in mind that:

You Should Choose a Unique, good and related Title to your work for gig.
The Description should be in proper English and explaining all the detail of your gig.
The TAGS, this is also really matters the more suitable and related tag you use the more impression, clicks and view you will get
And most important is the GIG cover photo, You should Wiley choose a GIG cover which should be a Unique and Attractive.

I Noticed these things which really matter to Make Your GIG good and to start getting jobs on Fiverr. I hope It’ll be helpful for others 🙂


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