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Got only one Order :/

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Hi there
I have 7 years of experience in logo, vector, digital art, Business card design,Flyers,brochure design,letterhead design & graphic designing. Logo, Still Got only one Design at Fiver Got frustrated do not know whats the problem my gigs are perfect but do not know where i m doing wrong…

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Well, for starters(I’m a beginner too so I know having few orders is tough to deal with) here are a few things I’d change.

  • Your Profile Picture

Unless you PERSONALLY made that image of Mario, I’d change it. Many buyers look to profile pictures for trust, and a stock image found on Google is not the way to go. Use either a picture of you, something you have created that reflects your gigs, a drawing or caricature somebody else has made modeled after a picture of you.

  • Gig Description

One of the first things a buyer looks at when it comes to purchasing a gig is the description. At the moment, your description is riddled with improper uses of words and grammatical errors as well as misspellings and improper punctuation. In addition, each description for your gigs is the same thing. Change it up a little bit. Differing gig descriptions gives the buyer the sense that they are getting what they pay for. Use the 100 characters allowed and describe what is offered in each. A buyer wouldn’t want to buy the more expensive, but quite possibly more necessary, gig from somebody if the $5 gig was exactly the same when it was described as the $30 gig. For example, what do you consider a simple design? Complicated? Advanced? Be sure do describe what makes them difficult or have an example of simple, advanced, and complicated in your gallery.

  • Gig Titles

First impressions are the key to everything. A boring and plain gig title won’t draw sales to your gig. Try something that can help draw the buyers attention. Look at other gigs in your already inflated category and take in information from their gigs’ titles so you can find a more intriguing title to compel more buyers to your gig. Be sure not to copy other’s titles, simply use them as inspiration for your own.

  • The Gigs you Offer

This is your own decision, but, if I were you, I’d delete the multiples of your gigs that seem to cancel each other out. The I I will vectorize 2 of your Logo or Image in 12 Hours and your I will vectorise logo, convert image to vector in 24 hours gigs seem to cancel each other out. One is describing two logos in 12 hours and the other is 1 in 24 hours.

How fast do you really work? Besides time, what’s the difference between these two? Also, if I were you, I’d delete the car gig you have. Do you really think that there is an audience out there looking for somebody to vectorize their image of a jeep truck? I’d think they’d look for a different vector artist with hundreds of reviews and not go straight to an oddly specific gig.

I don’t mean to bash your gigs or services but I just wanted to share a few of the tips I have learned from being here on Fiverr for a few months with 10 orders in the past 3 weeks and possibly 2-3 more today. Just keep working hard and look through buyer requests to send your offer. Be sure to use up those 800 characters so you can include all of the information you need. Don’t just say something like, I will vectorize your image for just $5, when sending out your buyer requests. Include in depth descriptions on what you’re offering and be sure to use at least 250 of the characters.

Good Luck in your pursuits as a seller and I hope this was helpful

Have a Good Day,


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