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  1. They can set average prices by using gig packs Why custom orders have to be counted? If i sell 300$ custom service for 5$-10$-15$ pack gig then average always will be over 150$
  2. This reflects fiverr’s recent attempts to move away from the image of cheap, cheap, cheap. That’s the point of the PRO gigs and the new pricing requirements they have mandated in my category of voiceovers. Yes all sellers want to sell high But ask the question from another side Can all fiverr sellers offer pro services at high rates? Fiverr is fiverr, here are byers who are looking for cheap services and also buyers who are looking for PRO services at any rate But if you increase prices then you lose cheap service seeker buyers. I don’t like also when people are asking me cheap services, also buyer requests are full with such requirement Saw 3 buyer who were asking full SEO for 5$ when normal SEO rate is 80-100$ per hour, and full SEO needs at least 10 hours of work. But anyways, this is not our decision to show gigs average prices. Fiverr is doing this to make right their crap new services Like pro, top rated sellers etc. They are doing all for those people, nothing for more
  3. I can’t see average prices anymore. I think they were testing something. Hope they will never launch such thing
  4. They can add average selling price in profiles Not for all gigs that sellers are listing
  5. Your best seller gig I Will Cast A Love Spell On The Person Of Your Choice Average price is now 53$ When you have only one price inside 5$ 🙂
  6. It looks like Fiverr is trying to find a creative way to have less “$5” and “$10” in their gig listings. They created their Fiverr Pro service, which features high prices for some of the listed gigs. I imagine they want to have the rest of the listed gigs appear more valuable as well. One way to achieve this impression (without changing more gig rules) is to go with average price listings. The average prices will almost always be higher than $5 or $10, therefore, Fiverr’s gig listings will appear higher to someone searching the site. They must think about it before When they listing PRO gig with 300 word article writting for a price 100-500$ this will cause them no sales of course Even BBC journalists have lower rates for content writting then PRO sellers here So increasing whole fiverrs average prices is not good idea i think
  7. In the best case, this must be optional
  8. I am agree with you. This is why i opened this topic
  9. You are right I see average prices on the 1st page and also in all categories too i think This screenshot is from category of explainer videos I have explored AVERAGE 412$ gig and Premium packs price is 350$, so custom orders price is included in average price too!
  10. Hello guys I noticed average prices for gigs today I calculated and i think that these are average selling prices as long as when i counted gig 3 packs average was lower I really don’t think that this is a good idea because a lot of people are looking for cheap services So if i sold 100$ services most and custom offers 200+ last month then prices will be shown about 80$+ instead of 5$ or 10$ So what is the point of this option?
  11. If You have design abilities You can add more services like logo design etc Because I am sure that logos have 300% more sales then flyers and business cards
  12. I don’t think so but they must remove featured gigs as long as its unfair They can give little bit more impressions to top rated sellers
  13. How about “SEO experts” with suit clothes and business suitcase on their pictures. Are You serious?
  14. This is the reason why I always blame fiverr team. They aren’t controlling dangerous gigs but promoting them to featured gigs. Non experienced buyers have 99% chance to buy such spammy featured gigs they think that they are trusted sellers but who cares fiverr team promoting them by the spammy and dangerous links amount and nothing for more
  15. You mentioned link exchange but this method isn’t working since google launched updates since Years ago. And agree with You, I have backlinks service myself too. I am working on quality and always performing My buyers website audit before any actions. As long as I am very principle and reputation is the most important for me, I am not changing numbers in My gigs. I can give My buyers more then 300K backlinks too but this is agains My principes and I am oriented of My clients satisfication. Also a lot of people have no idea how important SEO is for their businesses. They are looking good SEO services for 5$ only. SEO is the key for every online business so You can make some economy for website logo but You cant make economy in SEO, NO SEO or BAD SEO = No Business thats all
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