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Tips on getting back into business after a break!


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Just thought I would give some tips for sellers who are coming back from a break and want to start attracting customers again. This can be a tough thing. You may have lost a lot of contacts. Your online presence is probably seriously lacking. You may have even forgotten the best ways to implement your skills.

I left fiver about a year ago and have been in the process of returning. I am dealing with a loss of contacts and online presence…but I know with some hard work and persistence, I can get my business up-and-running again. Here 3 tips on getting back into business after you have taken a leave:

  1. Start out of the gate strong!

    While a good entrepreneur always works hard, she or he must REALLY work hard in the beginning of their entrepreneurial adventure. This is the same for coming back after a leave. You really have to do everything you can to promote your business and make it better. Create new platforms. Asses the current-day market. Re-learn old skills…and make those skills better. It is going to take A LOT (and I mean it, A LOT) more time and energy to get up-and-running again, but the more you put in, the more you will get out!

  2. Learn from the past.

    Coming back into business has unique advantages. You have had time to really reflect on what worked in the past and what did not work. You may also have raw data that shows you this. While the market is always changing, and you may want to try all kinds of new things, never forget about what happened before. Never forget about the mistakes you made or the accomplishments you had. Learning from the past will ensure a brighter future.

  3. Don’t give up.

    If your business was decently successful before you left, there is certainly potential for it to be successful now. It is going to be frustrating. Customers are not going to come overnight. Money will not come immediately. You will wonder if all the time you spent was for nothing. But risks and hard work are vital for any entrepreneurial endeavor. Do not give up on your goals. Failure is inevitable…but if you truly never give up…then so is success.

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Welcome back 🙂 from my point of view, in order to keep a steady flow of customers you have to work hard all the time and “reinvent” yourself and your gigs and always offer quality.

Don’t give up because at one point all your hard work will come around and “thank you” 🙂

Happy selling !

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