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Can I limit my gigs to those within my country?

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Or at least areas that speak English as their language.

The thing is, every time I have a bad experience here on fiverr with a buyer, is when they’re from a foreign country. They’re just so vague, hard to read, and I think may even misread my own gigs, perhaps due to bad translations.

These are always the buyers that expect so much more out of my simple gigs, such as promoting a post for them. Then they’ll get upset a few hours later when they don’t go viral from my promo gig, or don’t get more than a few notes/comments to their promotion.

I even state that I don’t guarantee anything like that, and simply just promote a post for them.

So is there any such feature for something like this on fiverr?

eBay has a feature like this, and is such a time saver.

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Hi 🙂

Although I am… ‘banned’ as a potential customer, according to your wish,

since you opened a public thread, I would like to add a friendly note.

People from any country live in almost any country today. So, if a Fiverr seller excludes almost 75% of the planet, maybe it is not such a good idea. And if everyone did that, then Fiverr would not have one of the most important reasons to exist. I started as a seller here to soon discover that, as a buyer, the whole world is available to me! And that is more than great!

On the other hand, I understand you may feel disapointed by some buyers’ bad communication and co-operation. And it is sad if that is what led to a negative effect on your ratings.

I visited your gigs and it seems that indeed you offer good services. It is obvious you are a good professional. And you are very clear and honest in your gigs’ description, much more than average buyers do anywhere on the market.

In conclusion, if I were you (…which I am not) I would not ban most of the planet but instead, I would note something like “before you order please contact me first”.

Of course it is your ‘shop’ on Fiverr and you are the boss 🙂

all the best and happy gigging!


  • from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean /from an ancient country with natives not speaking English as a first language:-)

    P.S. It seems that you are using the same gig-image as the main image for 3 of your rather similar gigs. I remember reading somewhere in this forum (and the Fiverr TOS too, I think) that you might get those gigs denied eventually, as sellers should always use different images/ photos (and descriptions) for each gig.
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