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  1. thanks for the reply , where do i find pioneer here? and do you have any idea how much fees they will take if i change my fiverr currency to euros?
  2. Hello everyone, so today i withdrew 1108 $ to a paypal account running in Euros currency , but when they got there , they were much less and found only 988 euros which equals to 1073.64 $ so that means i lost around 35$ due to transaction fees why? is there any other way in which i dont lose any transaction fees in the future?
  3. @ana_tomy thanks for clarifying that but how do i delete requests?also i know i should move on and i will but i really worked hard on this order and the buyer changed his mind after 5 days of delivering the order, and i feel like Customer Support sided with the buyer and immediatly canceled the order meanwhile i have been waiting for more than 12 hours for a reply from them . I feel i got scammed and it feels frustrating,Thanks though.
  4. @ana_tomy sorry i didnt mean to share the buyer's name and i didnt know how to delete the Screenshot as i am fairly new to using fiverr forum, however i feel like this is extremly unfair, i contacted community support and they keep solving my requests automatically, but then the buyer's request gets immediatly accepted, i worked extremly hard to complete the work he asked for , but then he kept asking for extra work to be done,ofcourse i said no to that then he wanted to cancel the order how is that fair? i feel like i have been robbed.
  5. So i was working with fiverr select buyer, he told me he wanted to get X out of this order,i gave him X and pretty quick actully, now after 5 days(after extending the delivery time) he wants extras with the X he got , some stuff that he never mentioned before starting the order,so after i said no, he asked to cancel the order,so i refused , minutes later i get this : order was canceled by customer support? what the hell? i worked hard to get the order done? and now my money gets stolen????
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