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  1. Okay thanks! I sent them the screenshots unedited attached to my original help request. I hope they do take action against the seller because I can guarantee he's doing that to other people as well
  2. Hey thanks for your reply, it's given me hope that I'll get my money back. It's been really stressing me out because there's no customer support number and I feel like I am being ignored. Also it was actualy $40 because I forgot I also initially paid for add-ons. I tried to attach evidence but it didn't send, so let me try again with this post.
  3. I made a really dumb mistake where I wanted one of those african dance videos with a message for my friend's birthday and I bought it from a seller on fiverr who's basically a scammer. He deleted the gig right after I bought it and posted a new gig with a video of completely different people and changed his profile picture. I asked him to cancel immediately after I saw this (1 minute after buying the gig) and he started begging me not to cancel and said he'll make the video for me. He sent me a sample which was not what I wanted at all. He denied my request to cancel 4 times and I'm sure he'll deny my 5th request soon. Now he's demanding me to send him my Whatsapp number and make me pay another $10 dollars after the $20 I already spent for another video. I told him I don't want the video at all and he said he'll only cancel if I find him another client which is insane. I contacted fiverr support and got no response. I really don't know what to do. I'll attach evidence and screenshots below there's so much more in this conversation of him begging & me requesting to cancel & him saying no. (in one of the ss he says to check his reviews but he has none)
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