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  1. I have no intention of breaking Fiverr rules. I am worried about my account and earnings. That's why I joined the Fiverr community and shared my problem here so that someone could help me, but no one can help me here. Please help me
  2. Dear Fiverr Community, I'm reaching out with a plea for assistance regarding my Fiverr account. After diligently working for 90 days, I encountered an unexpected setback. Despite receiving an email notifying me of payment withdrawal, another email swiftly followed, indicating that my account had been temporarily disabled. I immediately attempted to withdraw my hard-earned payment, only to find myself at an impasse. Despite numerous attempts, I'm unable to receive the SMS or call code necessary to complete the process. If there's anyone within the community who possesses expertise in navigating such issues, I implore you to extend your assistance. I've already reached out to Fiverr Support, but the resolution remains elusive. Your support in resolving this matter would be immensely appreciated. Warm regards, Zamptoper
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