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  1. Yeah, god forbid, you forget that you have the VPN accidentally still switched on - I guess we are all machines and never forget to use different browsers or whatnot. While there might be sketchy sellers, I would expect from Fiverr a bit more than just an AI tool answering my message and also to have a proper look at each account. I am sure its quite easy to find out who has questionable services and who doesn't. In the very least, I would expect to have an actual human being answering my customer support inquiry.
  2. First, I want to say that I have been a supporter of this platform since since 2010 - 14 years! I was one of the early adopters here and used to be a top rated seller as well. I have always liked and recommended Fiverr / referred clients to sellers on Fiverr that I liked. Now, yesterday, I see a message in my account saying: "Your account has been flagged for a severe violation of Fiverr policies. As a result, you are not able to participate in the level system." My first thought was, oh, okay, that must be some false alarm. I write to the customer support to ask what is going on and how this can be resolved. I receive a - most likely bot - answer stating: "After careful review, your account has been flagged due to activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service or location inconsistencies. Consequently, your participation in Fiverr's level system is permanently restricted. Please be advised that this was reviewed multiple times and the decision is final." I sometimes need to use a VPN for my work to check clients ads and competitors in their country, also, I travel from time to time. So even if this does hurt the TOS this shouldn't be the case since you can verify the location and the account owner in some other way easily. This is absolutely unacceptable and - sorry - stupid. It basically means that only people who are never leaving their house with a static IP can work on Fiverr - everyone else might be doomed to get their account flagged eventually. Nobody else in my household has Fiverr (and even this is a bizarre rule, as there should be no limitation either). I have done nothing wrong and all I've done was made this platform money. But I guess that's it then. I will actively tell all of my clients and future clients to never ever use Fiverr again. I am very disappointed on how sellers are treated that were around during your start up phase and helped you grow into what you are today and then are simply discarded because of some "location inconsistencies". Take care, hintgiver
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