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  1. Hello folks! Hope you are good My gigs are not appearing on fiverr results when searching with keywords and tags (even now not with every kind of related filter) but before it appears also impressions drops to 90%. When I search with complete title it shows on first page I am a new seller on fiverr and when my earning exceeded 400$ after then this issue happened My order rate, delivery rate etc is also 100% and reviews are also 5star
  2. Everyone do same, but can you please tell me if I need to take any step or is there any other way I can improve this to get new orders
  3. you are also a stable seller but I am newbie, even I don't have repeat buyers since my total clients are 3
  4. definitely not, but from past 3 weeks I am not getting any impression or click
  5. Hello everyone My new seller fiverr account is deranked now, i completed 5 orders and got 5 star reviews and ever client is 101% satisfied on video call they told me that they provide my private feedback also. Now my question is why my account is deranked every gig is deranked before that when I stay online maximum time i get good impressions but after fiverr online seller feature hide my gigs are deranked and its almost 3weeks now. Experts kindly tell me what to do I am also still online at platform I am attaching file below before i was getting daily 2000+ impression every day per gig, now 20+ everyday per gig
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