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  1. frame_by_frame_


    same here, I tried changing the briefs, still no improvement
  2. Okay that's nice, Thank you so much for your help, I will look at Fiverr's Terms of Service 😀
  3. Hello, I have a doubt, using different Wi-Fi for Fiverr affects anything? Thank you
  4. yes i will do like that, Thank you so much for your response 😀
  5. now he\she is contacting me in another account 😬
  6. a buyer, messaged and provided me the video to do a sample of 1min, and i did, then after several days he provided me a full length video as work, i asked to put order but he said i will do it when you say its finished, so i let it for hours and then he asked about the work like is it finished? then i asked him to put order, he said i can pay you through card, i said him straightly i wont do it, please seek others for this. then he is saying now, i will order now send me the offer to me. have you anyone experienced like this? do you have any suggestions? is there any chance he might cancel the order after delivering? please ignore my English 😅 Thank you
  7. guys, I'm sorry for asking like that, I read all the rules and regulations and the FAQ's before , the only answer I didn't get is about the automatic review update. so i randomly asked like that 😅
  8. I want to know about the private, public reviews and what will happen if we don't put review for buyer?
  9. I'm new here, but i didn't get anything like that saying private review, just public
  10. this question was running in my mind for a while, now i got it. Thank you
  11. We all know that when delivering the video or images it automatically added or selected to show in the gig gallery, where the final decision is given to the client to publish gig image or not. why the sellers don't have the option to show the image or not? even the new Review system now the success score, everything is aligned to one side without balance. it will be nice if fiverr does something that benefits both sides. Thank you.
  12. Thank you, yes I'm aware of that. I'm currently using in a phone, but I wanted to use it in another phone also, so I got a doubt 🙂
  13. can i use my fiverr in multiple devices like another phone?
  14. oh my god, i feel so depressed and mentally affected now, a seller stole my gig video and have put in his gig, i have reported immediately, i put so much work in it but this guy simply put it in his gigs so easily. i cant digest this
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