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  1. Why doesn't Fiver have a built-in voice/video function in the general chat? Many clients need face-to-face communication to build trust and ultimately for a deal to close, and Fiverr doesn't provide that functionality. I have accepted the fact that I have violated the TOS, and my account is restricted for 2 months...but voice/video call is a fundamental function you guys should provide, since so many clients are requesting it. And we are getting restricted for providing this service through external software... Anyway, have a good day.
  2. Hi, Fellow Freelancers and Fiverr team, 2024 has been rough as I was laid off from my company and Fiverr has been my primary income as a freelancer. I am extremely grateful for the support I received from the platform to grow from nothing to becoming a level 2 seller. My account was flagged and restricted for incoming orders and inquiries, due to "Communicating outside of Fiverr" Here is the whole back story, the client whom I recently completed an order with left a 4.7 review, with communication being 4 star. Throughout my 2 years of being on Fiverr striving for 5 stars has always been my goal for every order. He reached out to me for a new order, but he had asked for a call so he could explain a few things regarding the requirements and deliverables. I was trying to improve my communication satisfaction with the client and thought that is fine to provide a number just for a call, because fiverr does not have a built-in call function. I have ZERO intent on taking this client outside of Fiverr. I don't understand how this is fair, All I was trying to do was to provide a better experience communication experience for a client, because he felt that the communication wasn't on point with the last order. I have submitted a ticket but was asked to wait for 60 days for your support team to finish "Safe and security check". I have many recurring orders with multiple clients through Fiverr, each month they submit a new order for their business. I cannot wait for 60 days, I will lose all of the client relationships that I tried so hard to build and maintain through the past 2 years. I'm the Fiverr is the only source of income for my family. @Lyndsey_Fiverr @Kesha @ana_tomy I see that many people are facing the same thing. We, freelancers, work really hard to build trust and relationships with clients, all we want to do is provide a better communication experience for the buying process, Fiverr does not have a call function that we can use. It is kindly requested that this matter be looked upon again and resolved ASAP! as many of us Freelancers have Fiverr as our primary source of clients and, hence primary source of income. Thank you for your time and support! All I wanted to do was to provide a better communication experience....
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