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  1. In the first 2 months i got 43 clicks and 1k impressions nearly. My gigs are still ranking on First Second Third position on first page. I dont know why it suddenly stopped .
  2. Greetings My Fiverr Clicks are stuck even though the impressions are increasing and my gigs are also ranking on first page . Is this a glitch ??.
  3. Appreciated Sir but still i am progressing. These thumbnails were just some inspirations took from others . Appreciated All the Honest people . Love Fiverr Helping Community !!😊
  4. Here is the link to my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/s/Lqzg5o I am a new seller although i had interest in freelance from 2 years. i have tried previously but not as focused as i am nowadays . i have recieved 118 impressions and 13 clicks just in 2 days (I feel this is good) . i am a thumbnail designer and i need your help . can anybody please help me improve this gig . Please view my gig and tell the mistakes you found😊👍
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