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  1. Hey thanks for the reply. The music that the buyer asked for was really short. I generally generate a custom offer for those kind of situations. In this case, I would have create a $10 custom offer instead of 2 $5 ones because the buyer asked for them in the same day. But instead I told him that he can order the $10 package. In my mind, that is not different than creating a 10$ custom offer. And if I could influence anybody without communicating, I wouldn't be transcribing music. There are lots of jobs that could benefit from that kind of talent :). So I don't think that's the case either. Anyways, people should know that Fiverr will not help you in this kind of situation. They just accuse you without any kind of evidence. "Oh look at this guy. Getting good reviews, getting daily jobs. Huh! That's impossible. They must be buying fake reviews!". Oh yes, since it is the only thing that can be done at this point, I am free to speculate. I will definitely not be accepting any order until this issue resolves or a clear answer is given. Edit: And maybe we should ask every customer to not leave a positive rating. Maybe that way we can work safely. Or does that breach something too? Privacy policy? ToS?
  2. A warning is to warn someone to not to commit the act again. Fiverr gives a warning but never tells you what the act is . And it is a complete lottery at this point that you will or will not receive another warning . There is no guarantee that your account won't get another warning for "confidential reasons" and suspended.
  3. Then why are you telling @uk1000 that the CS gave me the reason?
  4. No! They never did explain the reason! They never gave me a reason. They never told me anything other than what was written in the first post. When I ask you and the CS about more info, you guys tell me that you cannot give any more info because of your "Privacy Policy". They gave me the order number correct. That's why I am asking to the people of Fiverr that where does the breach occurs in because you guys don't explain it. You just accuse that I did "purchasing or selling with the intent to falsely increase ratings and/or levels". And when I ask where or how does that occur, you don't answer! And here are the screenshots. Can you please tell me where do they answer that quastion?
  5. I'm not asking for a resolution at this point. Please help me understand which part of my order or that specific sale triggered this warning. The customer was a repeat buyer and this had never happened before. Was it the automatic review response(which is generated by leaving the comment empty in the android app), or was it the buyers review comment? Was it something else? I'm asking because I want to continue making sales through Fiverr but I don't understand what triggers these warnings. Please don't say that the case is already reviewed and you can't help me. In the ToS about the reviews, I've read it all and can't find which are that I've breached. I did not contact the buyer outside of Fiverr. I did not ask him to leave a review or a high rating. I just delivered the order. Again, not asking for you to remove the warning. So please don't respond with the same answers I've been given since this happened. Nobody gave me an explanation on this topic. Is it really that hard to just point me to where did I breach the ToS?
  6. No idea. The buyer contacted me before the warning for another job. When I tried to create an offer, I saw they were no longer available. Thank you for the replies though. I've never thought about the reviews I have given. Maybe it is because of them. Always thought that it was the reviews I've received. Or maybe the buyer did something wrong and I'm collateral damage. Edit: I've reached the daily reply limit. The order was for an improvised live performance from System of a Down. But the warning was not for copyright, it said it's for buying or selling fake reviews to raise the rating. Edit 2: Support case number #10611051
  7. I did not place an order. Those ratings are from buyer reviews. You know, I rate the buyers too. I have never bought anything through Fiverr. Edit: Also I don't write anything to my reviews. I use Android and I can rate without writing anything. I think it automatically writes "Outstanding" when I do that.
  8. They were a repeat customer. I contacted the support and they told me that the warning will stay. They told me they reviewed but I can't understand how did I do wrong.
  9. Fiverr gave me a warning and flagged my account for "abusing our product tools to boost your account’s reviews and ratings". I asked the support but they don't answer me. They simply say that it has been reviewed and the warning will remain. I have never bought or sold any king of rating or review boosting. The order they tell me that breaches the ToS, was just a normal order. Customer sends me 2 links, I tell him that he can buy the Basic Package, he buys, I deliver. In which part of this chain did I do anything wrong? Support won't answer. I just want to know what did I do was wrong so I won't repeat it again. I'm leaving the ss's of the order.
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/f5q266kl9b3rwg3752xlx/h?rlkey=dijfer8fjxy7ejwj81li4zf8k&dl=0 This link contains all the audio files and the pdf files. Customer has asked me to transcribe 2 live performances. 1)https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=Ci--MbNEHoY is this one. Which is named "Soad Madonna" in the folder. Customer asked for the transcription of the guitar parts and I did as they asked. 2)https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=4_OfngfMmIQ is the intro to this live performance. Which is named "Chop Suey Intro" in the folder. Again, I transcribed the parts that the customer had asked. I've sent them the files in "Guitar Pro" file format. Which is a program for viewing and editing guitar tabs and notation. After that the customer had reviewed the order and given their ratings. As soon as I saw the customer had rated me, I rated them too. There was no point in the conversation that I or them asked about a rating or a positive rating. The customer was a repeat customer of mine and they have been ordering the gig regularly. I have not asked any of my customers to leave me a rating. I have not bought or sold review scores anywhere or in any job. All I did was to do what the customers asked me to do. I still don't understand how the review team sees this one as a breach. All I did was to do what was written in the job description. Fiverr is the source of my only income and I did not or won't commit any act against the terms of service. I have been accused of fraud, but they won't show me any evidence. The support team claims they've reviewed the case multiple times. But I'm not even sure they have reviewed it even once. I have never asked the customer for a rating yet I'm being punished for it.
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