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  1. @vickieito Currently I don't have a success manager, but I will try to do the suggestions that you say( Advanced Analytics, Keyword Tools, First-Time Buyer Promotions, and Coupons). Thank you very much for your time 🙏🙏
  2. hello @vickieito Perhaps this is the issue. One of my gigs was working perfectly, but it began to decline gradually. However, I had another service, which is the one from which messages and requests come lately, but now has also begun to decline. The conclusion is that the private rating is what kills the gigs, I think, even if the buyer leaving five stars ! anyway thank you for your intervention 🙏
  3. @donnovan86 First, thank you for your intervention. I do not know exactly why, but all my reviews are positive and all the clients I worked with are satisfied.anyway thank you !
  4. @Lena Thank you so much Lena 🙏 i really appreciate it
  5. Hey there! How's it going? Hope you're doing great! I had a great June, July, and even august but things have fallen off steeply as of September & October even new messages no longer arrive ! Just wanted to share this situation to see if somebody is experiencing the same issue and hopefully we can get some ideas on how to solve this, apart from the ones that we know. Thanks !
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