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  1. As has been stated on the Fiverr Forum for months now, CS is overwhelmed because of the influx of new buyers that joined the platform since the pandemic hit. I understand it is frustrating to know that it will take at least 10 days for an issue to be addressed. However, it is a bit much to say the Customer Service workers are non-serious and the help they do give is trash is not true in my experience. Furthermore, when you say, It is apparent you do not get it that the CS agent was so frazzled they called the seller by his buyer’s name. Although, I get why the OP laughed about that. It is best not to judge a person to severely unless you have been in their shoes. UPDATE. Since my last comment was flagged too. The CS replied me using the buyer’s name. LOL 2nd UPDATE - The CS threw all the allegations on me stating that I didn’t provide him complete order. (SEO service) Which was not even discussed by the buyer and me. This shows how biased the CS is and how careless they are. Well played fiverr support, well played. To all those supporting fiverr CS on this thread and the person replying me to go in the shoes of the support person, Well, Thats his job to reply to the tickets been raised. If he/she will not reply it seriously I will comment on his/her’s ability.
  2. @ritsolution I did asked him to deliver he was ready. thats why he accepted the delivery and gave me ratings.
  3. @all See I don’t have any personal grudges with anyone. I have received a strike from Fiverr stating that I have delivered an incomplete or blank order. But I have not. He was satisfied with my work. He accepted the delivery gave me a 4 star review? (Means he was satisfied right?) I just want Fiverr to be more polite and professional while dealing with such cases. I have been selling on fiverr since 2010, When I was a kid myself. I use to make mistakes (I accept) But now 1 decade later I know how things and professionalism works. If someone is paying me X amount I couldnt sleep properly until I deliver his work! Fiverr should be more open about such cases and ask the other party regarding the case. (we cannot delete messages on fiverr but chat thread) For example Paypal, Paypal atleast listens to merchant and asks for proof of case. Here in my case, @donnovan86 I respect you and your words. You’re much more experience than me. But I do know about gig rotations. This wasn’t normal gig rotation we are talking about. I received a strike earlier this month, When I was scammed. As a result I lost rankings and hence orders. This happened again this time and I was demoted to Level 1. Do you know making and handling huge amount of orders alone feel like? Where you have to be communicative as well with the buyers? It takes a lot of efforts and sleepless nights. Last month it was Diwali (One of the biggest festival in India) I was working all night. 🙂 Come in my shoes and feel what I am feeling, you will understand my frustrations. I want Fiverr to look into my case and remove the strike thats it. (The strike was imposed on me as I am sure that buyer has reported fiverr that I have delivered him an incomplete order) No hard feelings for anyone.
  4. @andrewcarpen756 Yes sir I definitely understand the chargeback eco system. I don’t want my money back. I have full faith on Karma that karma will make him pay 10X more (mentally) I just expect fiverr to remove the strike which I have received. (THE BUYER HAS CLAIMED I HAVE DELIVERED HIM HALF ORDER) The site is live, He is using the store and has given a 4.3 review too. But anyway coming to the conclusion, I expect Fiverr to remove the strike from my account and restore my rankins, thats it. 🙂
  5. @stefanyoshovski Post flagged by FIVERR because I stated their cons!!!
  6. @alyonagrapie You know what?I was scammed in a similar way earlier. Last time I took it very professionally and i simply let it go. Which hurted me badly and my impressions went down from 6k a day to 5-10 impressions a day. Do you know monetarily what loss I am facing? I was getting monthly orders worth $12k (ORGANICALLY) now $2k (RECURRING) If such people keep on making fake accounts and scamming sellers then? What shall be done?
  7. @alyonagrapie I don’t want my money from such scammers, He may keep the money and enjoy his poor life with that sum of money. I have taken no steps out of frustration. I just expect a PROFESSIONAL reply from Fiverr CS. They should be more professional while issuing a refund on their panel. Buyer or Seller anyone can be on fault, I just expect them to be more professional and legit. Issuing a refund via a bot is just as biased as anything.
  8. @donnovan86 Hah your 2 cents? The buyer accepted the order Gave me 4.3 star rating and the store that I built is LIVE. He is using the store!!! “the buyer didnt like”
  9. @antomtjvc Oh yes, I should definitely work on my communication. The buyer will get the refund within 24 hours (would have received by now) If purchased using paypal. 7-10 days If purchased via credit card (very unlikely) And what am I supposed to do? wait upto 10 days to READ nothing can be done now! 🙂 I am very surprised that we have 0 unity as sellers!!! 🙂 THIS CAN BE YOU TOMORROW!!!
  10. @anniejenkinson I really adore your positivity and humbleness. You’re a great great human being. Tell me how can I be in peace? A similar thing happened with me earlier when we had a word? I was scammed by a buyer where I didnt care much as I was hitting $12k a month but the impressions and my gig ranking went down. (down as in from 6K a day to hardly 5-10 impressions a day) REALLY??? You gotta pay back monetarily as well as your rankings your image your structure and everything??? TBH I don’t care about the order value, I know their are all type of people in this world. I had experienced them in the past and I will be experiencing them in the future too. All I want from fiverr is to give my rankings back and My level back, Remove the strike from my account, thats it. They can have my $500 I am fine with it. 🙂 I know my worth and the time I have spent on fiverr. Its been 10 years of me on fiverr. I started Fiverring when I was in 10th standard. 🙂
  12. @erickbrondial One day or Day One. This has to be changed. If we stop selling as a sellers fiverr will definitely face a loss.
  13. @mariashtelle1 I was demoted today by fiverr after the order cancellation. 🙂 I was about to get promoted to TRS this 15th december. THIS IS THE REALITY OF FIVERR AND THEIR BUYERS!
  14. Baseless. In my case, the buyer ordered and made 13 revisions. Accepted the delivery, left a 4.3 star ratings and then asked the support to cancel the order, THE SUPPORT CANCELLED THE ORDER, DEMOTED MY LEVEL.
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